Providing a supportive environment that enables students to attain their full potential

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Welcome to the School

For all the new parents and students, a special welcome to our school. We trust that it will be a very successful year for teachers, students and parents.

Our school provides education to Primary and High School students. Our vision is for Rissalah College to be the provider of the best, comprehensive education program in all the six Key Learning Areas stipulated by the NSW Board of Studies linked with Islamic Values for all who attend the school.

The school philosophy is that students should strive for excellence, equity and a strong moral ethos. We aim to provide a positive, stimulating and accepting environment in which students can develop individual qualities and abilities without strong or detrimental peer pressure.

Rissalah College’s vision is to provide the best comprehensive education program of all six Key Learning Areas as stipulated by the Board of Studies NSW.

What we’ve been talking about

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Rissalah College
Rissalah College9 hours ago
Alhamdulillah we have arrived safely in Madinah Al Munawwarah ❤️
Rissalah College
Rissalah College17 hours ago
Our flight might be delayed but our spirts are high…the level of strength, patience and iman displayed by our beautiful children has only made us more determined to reach our destination. “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” ❤️
Rissalah College
Rissalah College1 day ago
We've officially kicked off the 2024 Umrah trip!

We pray our students and staff have a safe and fruitful journey that is filled with endless rewards and acceptance Insha Allah 🤲

#rissalahcollege #umrah2024