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School Fees

2024 School Fee Package

The Education Levy

  • Education Levy must be paid before starting school. This is a Non-Tax Deductible compulsory one-off payment of $500 ($200 for current Rissalah College students progressing to High School) for each new enrolment. This confirms your child’s placement at the College. This is NON REFUNDABLE if you change your mind regarding admission or withdraw your child from school.
  • The Education Levy does NOT contribute to the School Fees.

Building Levy

  • An annual Building Levy of $500 per student must be paid in Term 1 at the commencement of each year. New enrolments are required to pay the $500 Building Levy upon acceptance of Enrolment.

School Fees

  • School fees are to be paid by the second week of each term.
  • K-6 School Fees package below includes textbooks, workbooks, technology fee (one to one iPad hire and internet bandwidth), online learning programs, arts & crafts materials, class resources, stationary pack (K-2 only) and the Arabic/Islamic Studies textbook pack and NAPLAN fee, however, excludes excursions, incursions, special events, camps, swimming and sporting activities.

Year 7 – 12 School Fees package below includes textbook hire fee, workbooks, a student diary, technology fee (one to one iPad hire and internet bandwidth), science laboratory resources, class resources and supplies for non-elective subjects and NAPLAN/RoSA fee, however, excludes elective subject fees, excursions, incursions, special events, camps, swimming or sporting activities.