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The School Board

Rissalah College Limited - 2021

RIS School Board

Rissalah College Limited - 2021

The School Board is composed of five Directors who are voluntary contributors to the College community. The primary responsibilities of the School Board are to provide advice and support to the Principal in operating the school effectively and efficiently.

The Chairperson works together with the Principal to represent the College to the wider community. The Chairperson in responsible for managing Board affairs.

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring the Board conduct regular meetings in which vital information and updates on Board matters are delivered to other members.

The Treasurer is responsible for convening any financial information to the Board by assisting and advising the College Finance Manager with reports and audits as requested.

All Members of the Rissalah College Board whilst working voluntarily for the College, take full responsibility and accountability of their obligations whilst serving as directors.

Chairman – Imad El Masri

Secretary – Rached Ammoun

Treasurer – Omar Chehade

Director – Fady Haddad

Director – Yehia Agha